Our back story

AWARETIC mission is to help upcoming entrepreneurs who may not have the financial resources at hand or have responsibilities to meet and rely solely on paychecks. Does that signal the end of the road for your entrepreneurial dream? Not really, Now, as Sidepreneur you can explore the opportunities that e-commerce marketplaces offer you.

Sidepreneurship, on the other hand, is working on an entrepreneurial idea without quitting your full-time job. Once the business is matured enough and helps you generating more income than your job, you can quit it and focus full-time on your business. It has become a chosen route for many as it allows people to experiment with their entrepreneurial idea without risking their regular careers. The aim here is to explore a business idea that lets you become more successful than doing your job.

Although, the core of company mission is to assist new entrepreneurs but we never lose our side in bringing impeccable quality, creative and exciting products with value in mind. We hope through our website, you will be able to understand, embrace and adapt to ever changing today’s world.